The Performance

The Performance is a surreal point-and-click puzzle game that I worked on during my third year of university. The team consisted of Eli Miller (producer/sound design/programmer), Parker Soto (lead programmer), and myself (artist). Our goal was to create a game visually reminiscent of '90s educational games like the Pajama Sam series, with a surreal twist.

Gameplay screenshot.png

A main component of the game was using a player's past experience with point-and-click games against them; tropes are turned on their head and figuring out how to play the game becomes its own puzzle.

I took visual inspiration from Pajama Sam and Undertale to create a simple, yet eerie aesthetic. The player character's large head and small frame were designed to give the character a sense of childlike naivety compared to the taller and more adult-like NPCs. 


One of the twists in the game is that the player is trapped on a theater stage (hence the game's title). This explains each level's strangely large and open floor plan. Each room has been simplified to only contain what is needed for the puzzle.


I enjoyed my time working on The Performance. Being the sole artist in a small team gave me full creative control over the character designs and environmental art.

That being said, I made sure to consistently check in with the rest of my team to ensure that my designs were cohesive with the other elements in the game. The result was a unique game that we were all proud to have worked on together.