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Movie Mash

Movie Mash is an original card game that I designed and produced over the span of two months. Through this project, I improved my graphic design skills with Adobe Illustrator and gained experience with developing a game through peer feedback and playtesting.

Movie Mash: Text

Taking inspiration from games like Cards Against Humanity and Red Flags, Movie Mash tasks players with pitching film ideas to one another. Each pitch is built around three components: Star (main character), Plot (what happens), and Look (genre/style).

My goal was to make a card game that I would enjoy playing with friends. We often spend time improvising different characters and scenarios together, so incorporating some of that creative spontaneity into my game was a must.

Movie Mash: Image

At the beginning of the design process, the plan was for each card to have bits of information that could assist the player with their pitch.

However, this design proved to be visually overstimulating and unnecessary, not to mention contradictory to the improvisatory spirit of the game which emerged during early playtesting. In order to allow players to interpret the cards freely, I went for a much more minimalist look.

Movie Mash: Text
Movie Mash: Pro Gallery

During the playtesting process, I was happy to see how much my friends enjoyed playing Movie Mash. I am really proud of the game I ended up with, and I am in the process of developing this game further for release. 

Movie Mash: Video
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